Kleinklasse: Die Viertklasskinder vertonten und erzählten auf Englisch die Geschichte des kleinen Maulwurfs.


“Who did this on my head?” The children of the fourth grade accompanied the little mole on his search for the animal who did its business on his head. He asked the dove, the horse and the hare. But none of them knew anything about it. The goat showed him its toffee-coloured little balls, the cow let fall a brownish-green pancake and the pig let go of a soft, stinky pile. Nothing looked like what the little mole had on his head. Finally, he met the flies who could help him: It was the dog!

The fourth graders told the story with a kamishibai and added sounds for each animal. They enjoyed trying out all sorts of instruments to find the right sound. Music and body percussion were composed to introduce a new chapter.  

… and how did the story end? Well, maybe you can find the book in the library or you ask Sofia, Mohammad and Daniele.